front row philanthropy

Front-Row Philanthropy

The Geffen Playhouse Los Angeles has long been the capital of entertainment, the gold standard destination for film, television and music. But over the past decade, L.A. has emerged as the hotbed of another important medium of art and creativity: theater. To be present for the premieres of new and exciting plays, one used to have to hop on a plane and head to Broadway. But no more. It’s happening here ...

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Planning the Perfect Stay-cation in L.A.

When you live in one of the most sought after places, treat it like the destination spot it is. In short, here's how to start planning the perfect stay-cation in L.A. now. Visiting the west coast of California is a bucket list item for so many around the world. Further, Los Angeles tops the charts as its go-to hot spot. Next time a few free days pop into your schedule, set ...

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