Note from the editor



A Note From The Editor In Chief

We love a reason to celebrate in our house. There are guest lists to be made, decorations to be hung, invitations to be sent, menus to be conceived and meals to be prepared. And don’t get us started on the nostalgic aromas those dishes fill the house with as they cook and bake. Every year as I begin to prepare for the holiday season, I wonder which of my children will help with which of the many tasks. And every year I am thrilled at the excitement and ownership they take in the plans—whether it’s baking a pie, setting a festive table or trying to untangle the cords of white twinkling lights we set up all over the house. Holiday time is truly family time…and I love it.

There are so many different ways that families make holidays meaningful—one important way is being thankful for what we have and to give back as a family. To that end, we have highlighted ways to spend time together giving to others in the Love Life column on page 34. Many families also get together to plan gifts that aren’t for themselves but for those in need in some way and we’ve put together a list of some in the Giving Life column on page 32 that will be appreciated by recipients from all over.

Altruism is such an important part of the season, but giving and getting gifts is fun too—especially when they are wrapped up in the most special ways as the Hollywood How2Girl Courtney Sixx shows us with DIY pretty packages and decorating on page 60. Another important holiday tradition? Getting dressed up and made up to go out or have people in—check out some of the best looks of the season on our Style Life and Beauty Life pages on pages 26 and 28.

This holiday issue is also fittingly our special Art & Philanthropy issue as this is the season of giving, and we are in awe of the many special people highlighted on our pages. We are also in awe of the Disney stars and brothers Benjamin and Matthew Royer involved with the anti-bullying “Choose Kindness” campaign on page 78 and art world phenoms John Krawczyk and his wife DeeDee Postil Krawczyk, he a sculptor and she an art consultant, both with the most amazing projects you can imagine. You can read their story on page 80. Then there are the many influential art programs in our area that benefit both artists and patrons, like HOLA on page 77 and LAXART on page 74.

After reading these pages, we hope you’ll see what we see—all these people and organizations making the world prettier on the inside and out. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy and wonderful holiday season and a fabulous new year!


Amy Nebens